Bob’s Clam Hut COVID 19 Prevention Systems and Policies:

  • Explicit no working sick policy – managers will screen staff for symptoms as they arrive (list of symptoms posted)
  • Staff must wear cloth face covering
  • Staff to wash hands every 30 minutes or between tasks
  • Additional outdoor tables for break area, to allow for proper distancing
  • Pre shift meetings in dining room or outside
  • Staff drinks will be covered at all times
  • Maintain as much distance as possible during all operations and training
  • Handwashing of masks at least every 2 days, depending on use
  • Maximizing airflow in restaurant with open windows and use of screen doors
  • Plexiglass shields at points of contact with guests and staff
  • Disinfecting tablets and frequently used items (allow disinfectant to remain for 1 minute or air dry)
  • Contactless vendor delivery
  • Vendor use of cloth face coverings
  • Wall mounted hand sanitizer for all
  • Signage and social media posts outlining policies and systems related to COVID19
  • Outdoor seating only beginning June 1
  • Guests must wear a face covering in all areas, except when eating
    • We will supply disposables if guest does not have one and will refuse service to those who will not wear.
    • Offer guest a mask if they don’t have one
    • Politely, tell them we cannot serve them based on Governor and CDC guidelines if they are not wearing a mask o Ask for a manager if you need help
    • Parking attendants can mention to arriving guests that masks are required
  • Use 6-foot distancing when in line, and when possible, 1 member of your group ordering and picking up
  • Maximum party size of 8- guests will ask to split to more tables when possible
  • Single use items condiments only
  • Children must remain with family
  • Minimizing staff and guest interaction outside of placing order and picking up order
  • Single person bathrooms and 6-foot distancing in line